Music From This Week (7/2/16)

This week I have spent too much time trying to learn how to play the recorder part in Belle and Sebastian’s Boy With The Arab Strap. At some point this may well find it’s way on to the internet.

When I wasn’t playing recorder or otherwise distracted, I discovered this brilliant compilation. The Rough Trade Indiepop ’09 compilation is packed full of more recent indie-pop gems. 2009 was clearly a good year for the genre with The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart and Veronica Falls making their debut amongst others. Acts also to feature include the I-see-what-you-did-there-with-your-name act named Moscow Olympics with a nice number complete with strings and cool people who hang out in Glasgow, AKA Los Campesinos!

Also, you should totally check out Bruising (who I discovered on account of a Waxahatchee t-shirt being worn by a member of the band) because they are cool and have great taste in band tees.


Music from January

I have been gone for a little while because of exams but I am back now. Normal service should resume.

First of all, this year has already got off to a good start with Hinds brilliant debut album Leave Me Alone and looking ahead, this year should be pretty interesting in terms of music. I, in particular am waiting very patiently for some new material from Alvvays and have already started saving for Frankie Cosmos’s full length which will be released on Bayonet later this year.

Also have you seen these, I think they’re pretty cool.

The music this week is courtesy of a bit of a regular on here, Keel Her. You can buy her music on Bandcamp if you are interested. I think this song has a slightly Hinds feel which is definitely a good thing – especially since Stephen Pastel is a fan.

Here’s Where The Story (of 2015) Ends

This year has been very eventful for me personally with my own band and all of the gigs that I have been to but I am going to try and recap my year in music.

Top Album – My Love Is Cool by Wolf Alice

I have been waiting a long time for Wolf Alice to release a full album and it did match up to my expectations. The album covers a wide range of bases so there is always a perfect song for whatever occasion. Here is You’re A Germ.

Top EP – Fit Me In by Frankie Cosmos

I really love Frankie Cosmos because she always writes songs that are very lo-fi with quirky lyrics. Here is the single from this EP.

Top Song – Party Police by Alvvays 

If you have read any of this blog you will realise that I love Alvvays and in one of my more obsessed moments I listened to this song and Next Of Kin on repeat for an entire six hour round trip (with a days break in between). I still haven’t grown tired of it!

Best New Discovery – Waxahatchee

I created this category because I really like Waxahatchee but without any preference to particular albums however as far as songs are concerned I am a bit of a fan of Air.

Best Vinyl Purchase – Grievances by Rolo Tomassi

I saw Rolo Tomassi at a festival a few years ago and was really impressed that a woman who ran a cute sewing website could also scream like that. I saw Rolo Tomassi with a friend a few months ago and it was a really cool experience to see a band that I love in my hometown with a friend.

Best Gig – Alvvays

I think I could write for hours about this gig and the day that I spent in Bristol beforehand. The gig was amazing, the tracks they played were perfect and the sound was great. I think that gig also made me realise that I wanted to make this kind of music and people just like me could make it in their front rooms. This video is from an earlier gig at Bristol because there are no videos from that night and mine corrupted.

Music From This Week (6/12/15)

untitled – Snail Mail

This week’s music comes from a young band from Baltimore, US. Their music is a form of alt-folk with lyrics that are intriguing. I particularly like these lyrics which perfectly capture my feelings a lot of the time – “I wanna sleep and never leave my bed and then I won’t hesitate to call it my friend again”. Unfortunately there is not a YouTube link for this so instead I have linked their band camp where you can listen and hopefully buy.

Music From This Long Stretch of Time

Hi, so I am changing the format because the old idea of 3 songs a week was proving too much for me. Now I will be doing a song a week which should give me more time to write reviews of gigs, films, books ect. Also I will be doing 5 songs of Christmas starting on the 21st December so bear with me. Aaaand I recently watched the Sarah Records documentary, My Secret World. I was really interesting and a full review of it will be coming soon. I promise

Chill Town – Hinds

As part of my yearly ritual of simultaneously wishing that it could be summer and Christmas, I often relisten to music that I have listened to during the summer. Hinds are a great lo-fi band from Madrid and this is the first single from their debut album, Leave Me Alone, which is due out early next year. They are also going on a UK tour next spring and I am going see them them.

Music From This Week (01/11/15)

I have had this week off so I have been busy discovering new bands and also making my own music. You can like our page here –

Roswell – Keel Her

My brilliant Dad/band mate, Tim, introduced me to this artist and I am glad he did so. This is one of their more indie-pop songs with a great lo-fi-bedroom-electronic feel. It’s a song with layers of simple melodies that all come together to create a song that I really like. It’s also about aliens as the title suggests. If this is not selling the song to you then I don’t know what will. You really should check out her music.

Sugarcrush – Joanna Gruesome

Indie-pop meets Riot Grrrl, of course I like it. While this song has some really nice harmonies, they also clearly weren’t afraid to add some distortion into the mix as well. This makes the song a little more “nasty” and distinctive. Also, for the b-side of this song, they did a good cover of one of last week’s songs – Tugboat by Galaxie 500.

Mallory – The History of Apple Pie

I actually saw this band a few years ago at Truck Festival and quite liked their shoegaze tinged indie-pop. I recently unearthed this on an old tablet of mine and was reminded of how I liked them. I only have their debut album and have yet to listen to their later stuff so I can’t say what they sound like now but I will be having a listen shortly.

Music From This Week (24/10/15)

This week’s selection comes from sunny Wiltshire where I am spending some of my half term. Happy Sunday 

Teenage – Veronica Falls

Despite the obvious cliches I’m all for girl-boy indie pop. While Veronica Falls probably won’t win any points for originality, this song is catchy and well produced. The two vocalists remind me a bit of The Pastels which is definitely a compliment.

Tugboat – Galaxie 500

Having been alerted to the fact that the Frankie Cosmos song Art School sounds an awful lot like like Listen The Snow Is Falling, I then decided to listen to some other stuff by this band and I liked them. This is the most popular Galaxie 500 song according to YouTube therefore the first song I listened to by them. I really like what I have heard and will definitely be finding some more songs to listen to by them.

Fade – Sleater-Kinney

As the last track off their most recent release No Cities To Love, this song provides a slightly different sound that perfectly finishes off the album. The heavily modulated guitar and vocals make the song stand out and the drums are powerful and build with the song.