Music From This Week (6/12/15)

untitled – Snail Mail

This week’s music comes from a young band from Baltimore, US. Their music is a form of alt-folk with lyrics that are intriguing. I particularly like these lyrics which perfectly capture my feelings a lot of the time – “I wanna sleep and never leave my bed and then I won’t hesitate to call it my friend again”. Unfortunately there is not a YouTube link for this so instead I have linked their band camp where you can listen and hopefully buy.


Music From This Long Stretch of Time

Hi, so I am changing the format because the old idea of 3 songs a week was proving too much for me. Now I will be doing a song a week which should give me more time to write reviews of gigs, films, books ect. Also I will be doing 5 songs of Christmas starting on the 21st December so bear with me. Aaaand I recently watched the Sarah Records documentary, My Secret World. I was really interesting and a full review of it will be coming soon. I promise

Chill Town – Hinds

As part of my yearly ritual of simultaneously wishing that it could be summer and Christmas, I often relisten to music that I have listened to during the summer. Hinds are a great lo-fi band from Madrid and this is the first single from their debut album, Leave Me Alone, which is due out early next year. They are also going on a UK tour next spring and I am going see them them.

Music From This Week (01/11/15)

I have had this week off so I have been busy discovering new bands and also making my own music. You can like our page here –

Roswell – Keel Her

My brilliant Dad/band mate, Tim, introduced me to this artist and I am glad he did so. This is one of their more indie-pop songs with a great lo-fi-bedroom-electronic feel. It’s a song with layers of simple melodies that all come together to create a song that I really like. It’s also about aliens as the title suggests. If this is not selling the song to you then I don’t know what will. You really should check out her music.

Sugarcrush – Joanna Gruesome

Indie-pop meets Riot Grrrl, of course I like it. While this song has some really nice harmonies, they also clearly weren’t afraid to add some distortion into the mix as well. This makes the song a little more “nasty” and distinctive. Also, for the b-side of this song, they did a good cover of one of last week’s songs – Tugboat by Galaxie 500.

Mallory – The History of Apple Pie

I actually saw this band a few years ago at Truck Festival and quite liked their shoegaze tinged indie-pop. I recently unearthed this on an old tablet of mine and was reminded of how I liked them. I only have their debut album and have yet to listen to their later stuff so I can’t say what they sound like now but I will be having a listen shortly.

Music From This Week (24/10/15)

This week’s selection comes from sunny Wiltshire where I am spending some of my half term. Happy Sunday 

Teenage – Veronica Falls

Despite the obvious cliches I’m all for girl-boy indie pop. While Veronica Falls probably won’t win any points for originality, this song is catchy and well produced. The two vocalists remind me a bit of The Pastels which is definitely a compliment.

Tugboat – Galaxie 500

Having been alerted to the fact that the Frankie Cosmos song Art School sounds an awful lot like like Listen The Snow Is Falling, I then decided to listen to some other stuff by this band and I liked them. This is the most popular Galaxie 500 song according to YouTube therefore the first song I listened to by them. I really like what I have heard and will definitely be finding some more songs to listen to by them.

Fade – Sleater-Kinney

As the last track off their most recent release No Cities To Love, this song provides a slightly different sound that perfectly finishes off the album. The heavily modulated guitar and vocals make the song stand out and the drums are powerful and build with the song.

Music From This Week (18/10/15)

Here is my first music summary. Happy Sunday.

Frankie Cosmos – Art School

I’m not really sure how to describe this band (which is actually a solo project of Greta Kline). They are definitely lo-fi, probably a bit indie-pop, slightly twee and really awesome. Their simplistic songs make great listening during long revision sessions or windy walks home. You should check them out.

Alvvays – Party Police

I really like Alvvays and I think they are great however, I think that Alvvays struggle slightly with being a summery band. This song manages to move away their summery jangley guitar sound a little bit to darker synthy sound. I have included the KEXP version here because it is actually the first thing that I heard by Alvvays so obviously my favorite version.

Waxahatchee – Air

This is a really solid song that stands up to hours of listening quite happily. It made it’s way onto my list of all time favorites earlier this year and hasn’t really moved since. While I do like a lot of her other music, nothing has quite stuck with me like this song but if you like Girlpool, Frankie Cosmos or other artists like that I would recommend a listen. She is also supporting Sleater-Kinney on their upcoming US tour which adds extra bonus points for me.

Beach House – Sparks

I doubt that if you are reading this blog, you won’t have heard of Beach House. I really like this single of their second most recent album Depression Cherry and have had it on pretty frequent rotation on Spotify. This whole record show a bit of a move away from over production and more towards a DIY-bedroom recording sound. Of course this is Beach House so the record is still well produced but there are just more simplistic elements like the plain synth organ which I really like.

Tiger Trap – Puzzle Pieces

I recently discovered this whole group of music which is a combination of my two favorite genres – riot grrrl and indie – pop/twee. This made me very happy and aided by some great Spotify playlists dedicated to K records (think an American variant of beloved Sarah Records) I found this band.

Dolly Mixture – Everything And More

This is basically and indie-pop classic that somehow manages to make its way into what I listen to or a playlist I have on every week. I have found it really hard to get hold Dolly Mixture’s music because there are no digital versions and the vinyl is either very expensive or simply not available so if any one has any ideas please help me out.

Heavens to Betsy – Complicated

This song is probably one of the longest songs that I play frequently and it really stands out against a lot of my other music for this reason. It’s a six minute break-up song by riot grrrl queen, Corin Tucker and her band, that becomes more powerful the further you get into the song.

Hello + A Bit About Me

Hi, my name is Isabel. I am a British teenager who really likes indie pop, riot grrrl and generally most indie things. This is a blog that I have started with the intention of writing mostly about music (album reviews, live reviews ect.) with maybe some film, fashion and any other stuff.

Alongside general posts, I will also try to include a summary of the music that I have been enjoying over the past week which will be posted some time over the weekend.