I miss the sun, I miss the snow

The weather here is grey most of the time. Sometimes I like to imagine that it’s that kind of shimmery grey that brings snow. I never is. Often there is so much grey that it feels like I am drifting through some kind of dreamlike fog with neither the sharpness and light of sun nor the cleanness and excitement of snow. It’s on these kind of days that suddenly grey becomes the most interesting colour and I just stare out of the window where I am supposed to be working at the invisible clouds rolling into one. They are both the stuff of dreams and of boredom.

At these time I have a specific type of music that I listen too. It’s hard to describe but for the purposes of this blog I’m going to try. The songs are kind of dreamy, not too loud and normally drenched in reverb and fuzz. Often there is a sort of electro-pop feel to these songs. The original playlist of this kind of music was made from songs my dad played on the drive home from London after seeing Slowdive play their first show in 20 years at the Village Underground. Over time this kind of music has become a sort of genre for me.

Here are a few songs from this genre/ idea/ thing.


Not An English Lit Major

As far as any kind of remotely creative thing is concerned, I’m struggling with enthusiasm so I’m going to try and write a bit more about things I that I think about and stuff that I like. English A Level seems to be sucking my creative enthusiasm and, while sometimes I love it, sometimes it just feels like an incredibly cliched move. English Lit people read poetry, novels, like cool music and belong in bands like Belle and Sebastian. Is that who I want to be? It’s just all so confusing sometimes.

While I ponder my life choices, the country is hurtling towards Christmas at an ever increasing speed which means all of the shiny blue lights and consumerism that goes with it are right on my doorstep now. I thought that I would come up with a few Christmas songs that are a little more cosy and warm than the shiny packaged Christmas that is being sold in stores up and down the nation. I have resisted the temptation to put Low’s It Was Just Like Christmas on here because I recon that most people will have heard it before plenty of times. That said, it is a very good Christmas song and on their recent UK tour dates they have been playing a nice version which you can probably find on YouTube somewhere.

(These songs are a selection from my Spotify Christmas playlist that you can find here)