Why I’m crying to Alvvays

“Live your life on a merry-go-round, who starts a fire just let it go out”

Alvvays are back with new songs and they are as good as ever – dreamy, oddly sad and with plenty of reverb. At Coachella Festival in California, Alvvays debuted some new songs that will presumably make their way onto their new album (whenever their dare to share it with us).

Personally, I have a lot of love for Alvvays because they are That Band that I will always associate with being a teenager and so much of my life right now. Their music has been a special part of my life in that it has also inspired my to make my own music and be a happier person. Basically I’m just one massive fangirl but that’s OK, I have no shame because I am grateful that I can make such a positive connection with music.

I do more than my fair share of crying to Alvvays and it will come as no surprise to anyone that I spent a few minutes on my bed crying after hearing their new songs. Not Your Baby is a Camera Obsucra-esque song which I really like and I think may have been floating around for a little while before Coachella. For me, the real highlight of these songs is Dreams which starts out as a keyboard based song and then builds with guitar lines and harmonizing vocals. It’s pretty good.

So here’s to the new Alvvays album. First up is New Song AKA Dreams (what it said on the setlist)

And Not My Baby


The Utter Genius of Brighter

Unless you are a big Sarah Records fan, its unlikely that you will have ever heard of Brighter. Their music was a kind of fuzzy, acoustic brand of indie-pop with lyrics that often spoke about being young and confused. They made quite a few releases on the now cult classic label, Sarah Records and these releases have really shaped the way that I write songs and my outlook on music.

The Brighter 7″ Around The World In Eighty Days would probably have to be my favorite 7″ of all time. When I am sad I like to put on Tinsel Heart which features the lyrics ” Don’t you ever let them touch you, don’t you ever let them in ” – it’s my power song against the world but twee style. The entire release feature no drums, which is a common theme with Brighter, but they are not really missed and (when they do make an appearance on other releases they add that little bit more because they are a rarity). One of my favorite parts of Brighter songs of the piano riffs that you don’t necessarily notice at first, they are subtle yet add a certain kind of richness to the songs which you wouldn’t get from only using guitars.

For me, Brighter songs are somehow both the song that you would listen to on a sunny day down the park and the song the that you would cry in your bedroom to. This is perhaps why I like them so much as I am able to take them songs and make them fit my narrative for that day. Despite the people in Brighter now being my Dad’s age, I do feel like these songs understood the part of adolescence that is forever confused and doesn’t quite know where it’s place is.

I am really pleased that one day I decided to pick up a Brighter record from my Dad’s collection because now I know that indie-pop doesn’t need drums and that it’s okay to write sad songs about your life (sometimes). I will now leave you with a YouTube mix of Brighter’s singles – enjoy!