Music From This Long Stretch of Time

Hi, so I am changing the format because the old idea of 3 songs a week was proving too much for me. Now I will be doing a song a week which should give me more time to write reviews of gigs, films, books ect. Also I will be doing 5 songs of Christmas starting on the 21st December so bear with me. Aaaand I recently watched the Sarah Records documentary, My Secret World. I was really interesting and a full review of it will be coming soon. I promise

Chill Town – Hinds

As part of my yearly ritual of simultaneously wishing that it could be summer and Christmas, I often relisten to music that I have listened to during the summer. Hinds are a great lo-fi band from Madrid and this is the first single from their debut album, Leave Me Alone, which is due out early next year. They are also going on a UK tour next spring and I am going see them them.