Here’s Where The Story (of 2015) Ends

This year has been very eventful for me personally with my own band and all of the gigs that I have been to but I am going to try and recap my year in music.

Top Album – My Love Is Cool by Wolf Alice

I have been waiting a long time for Wolf Alice to release a full album and it did match up to my expectations. The album covers a wide range of bases so there is always a perfect song for whatever occasion. Here is You’re A Germ.

Top EP – Fit Me In by Frankie Cosmos

I really love Frankie Cosmos because she always writes songs that are very lo-fi with quirky lyrics. Here is the single from this EP.

Top Song – Party Police by Alvvays 

If you have read any of this blog you will realise that I love Alvvays and in one of my more obsessed moments I listened to this song and Next Of Kin on repeat for an entire six hour round trip (with a days break in between). I still haven’t grown tired of it!

Best New Discovery – Waxahatchee

I created this category because I really like Waxahatchee but without any preference to particular albums however as far as songs are concerned I am a bit of a fan of Air.

Best Vinyl Purchase – Grievances by Rolo Tomassi

I saw Rolo Tomassi at a festival a few years ago and was really impressed that a woman who ran a cute sewing website could also scream like that. I saw Rolo Tomassi with a friend a few months ago and it was a really cool experience to see a band that I love in my hometown with a friend.

Best Gig – Alvvays

I think I could write for hours about this gig and the day that I spent in Bristol beforehand. The gig was amazing, the tracks they played were perfect and the sound was great. I think that gig also made me realise that I wanted to make this kind of music and people just like me could make it in their front rooms. This video is from an earlier gig at Bristol because there are no videos from that night and mine corrupted.

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