Music From This Week (01/11/15)

I have had this week off so I have been busy discovering new bands and also making my own music. You can like our page here –

Roswell – Keel Her

My brilliant Dad/band mate, Tim, introduced me to this artist and I am glad he did so. This is one of their more indie-pop songs with a great lo-fi-bedroom-electronic feel. It’s a song with layers of simple melodies that all come together to create a song that I really like. It’s also about aliens as the title suggests. If this is not selling the song to you then I don’t know what will. You really should check out her music.

Sugarcrush – Joanna Gruesome

Indie-pop meets Riot Grrrl, of course I like it. While this song has some really nice harmonies, they also clearly weren’t afraid to add some distortion into the mix as well. This makes the song a little more “nasty” and distinctive. Also, for the b-side of this song, they did a good cover of one of last week’s songs – Tugboat by Galaxie 500.

Mallory – The History of Apple Pie

I actually saw this band a few years ago at Truck Festival and quite liked their shoegaze tinged indie-pop. I recently unearthed this on an old tablet of mine and was reminded of how I liked them. I only have their debut album and have yet to listen to their later stuff so I can’t say what they sound like now but I will be having a listen shortly.