Music From This Week (24/10/15)

This week’s selection comes from sunny Wiltshire where I am spending some of my half term. Happy Sunday 

Teenage – Veronica Falls

Despite the obvious cliches I’m all for girl-boy indie pop. While Veronica Falls probably won’t win any points for originality, this song is catchy and well produced. The two vocalists remind me a bit of The Pastels which is definitely a compliment.

Tugboat – Galaxie 500

Having been alerted to the fact that the Frankie Cosmos song Art School sounds an awful lot like like Listen The Snow Is Falling, I then decided to listen to some other stuff by this band and I liked them. This is the most popular Galaxie 500 song according to YouTube therefore the first song I listened to by them. I really like what I have heard and will definitely be finding some more songs to listen to by them.

Fade – Sleater-Kinney

As the last track off their most recent release No Cities To Love, this song provides a slightly different sound that perfectly finishes off the album. The heavily modulated guitar and vocals make the song stand out and the drums are powerful and build with the song.

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